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“Wisdom  [is] the principal thing; [therefore] get wisdom: and with all thy getting  get understanding” Proverbs 4:7.


I would like to say that if the meaning of the word King-Dom,means a “domain in which something is dominant or a country with a king as a head of state” then i would like to define wise-Dom as a country were only the wise rules,or the domain of the wise is called wise-Dom.
sometimes we try to compare in importance money and wisdom,and even the bible makes it clear that money might give you material things but wisdom gives life and material things.
The bible never said chase after money but it charges us to chase after wisdom.
when the bible talks about money,it speaks of it as a thing but when it spoke about wisdom,he spoke of it as a man,wisdom is so vital for successful living and we cant over-emphasize its importance.
The bible also said in all thy getting,get understanding,what is the relationship between understanding and wisdom and knowledge.
Notice the bible never said that knowledge or understanding is the principal thing but wisdom is the principal thing,there is a clear difference between wisdom and knowledge and understanding,but each is very important for a good life,they are connected.

knowledge according to the dictionary is “the acquaintance of facts,truths,or principles as from study or investigations” in other words knowledge is simply the acquisition of information,but i tell you just having knowledge does not guarantee success in life,if it does then professors and those with PhD’s should be some of the richest people in the world.
The saying that knowledge is power is not totally correct but knowledge is just power as a  potential,until that knowledge is applied you cannot get any result.
Knowledge is vital for wisdom but it is not wisdom.

According to the dictionary,it is defined as “knowledge of or familiarity with a particular thing;skill with dealing or handling something”,for example an understanding of accounting practice or any other subject.
Still the presence of knowledge does not mean understanding but without knowledge there can not be understanding.
Knowledge is the base,for you to be able to comprehend anything you must have the knowledge base of that thing.
Let me illustrate with the writing of a report,at college,when you are asked to make a report on a particular topic or subject,you follow a certain process before you get to the actual defense of that report.
firstly you must gather information and materials for the writing of the report,so you surf the internet,you carry out some surveys,just to gather information for the subject.
After which you now actually begin to place the gathered information in their right places,but for you to do that you need to study the information properly,so for there to be understanding you must study,knowledge can come by reading but understanding by study.
Understanding is your ability to comprehend and put things in their right perspective.

The dictionary defines wisdom as “knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement”
The definition of the dictionary is not complete,the knowledge of what is right,we could say is understanding,but the application of that knowledge is what we call wisdom,so we see a chain here,from acquisition of knowledge to putting the facts in their right places and the actual application of those facts.
That’s why it is said that wisdom is gained from experience,a man with experience is said to be a wise man,because experience is a process of observing,encountering or undergoing of things as they occur,in the course of time,in this process a man is said to be wise.
Wisdom is not a one day thing,you don’t become wise just out of a days encounter its a process of encounters.

Wisdom is the principal thing,the word principal from the hebrew reshiyth which means “the first,best,choice part,beginning” so it is the first,the best,the choice part,if you must be successful in life,don’t chase money but chase wisdom,the bible commands us to “GET WISDOM” It is an order get it,it is the first thing,the choice thing.

But it states something important,in all thy getting,get understanding,understanding is as important as wisdom,without understanding you will not be a success at anything,at your studies you need understanding even for a good christian life you need understanding,make a commitment to get wisdom.