Posted: October 27, 2012 in wisdom
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“woe unto him that is wise in his own eyes” Isaiah 5:21


There is nothing wrong with been wise and intelligent,but if we must please God we must do it Gods way and not mans way.There is a clear difference between the wisdom of this world and the wisdom of God.

Wisdom in itself is not wrong,been wise is very vital for success in life,but the bible teaches the kind of wisdom that will bring lasting success and be pleasing to God,the wisdom that comes from God.

The wisdom of this world the bible says is foolishness before God 1corinthians 3:19;Just like our own righteousness is as a filthy rag before him.We need to understand that when the bible speaks of the wisdom of this world its not talking about skill and experience that comes as result of what we gain positively as we grow in this life,because some of those experience can be useful to us today.

But there is something about the wisdom of this world,that puts emphasis on self;self confidence,self esteem,self power,self success;its all about yourself.The wisdom of this world defines success as a sole result of your hard work,not to say hard work is wrong but when a man puts his success on his hard work,then he is walking in the wisdom of the world.

Self acquisition,success defined without the God factor is not complete success,success that is depended upon a man is not true success.The wisdom of this world rests its faith solely on self and on men.

In some parts of the world,there are people who don’t believe in the existence and presence of God in their daily lives,I see people who work tirelessly and so hard,because they have all their faith on their jobs,they don’t believe that God will provide,they want to work everything out by themselves,its all about their own input,its all about themselves,so that they can proudly say I got here all by myself.

The wisdom of this world the bible says is foolishness before God.the bible calls it vain,nothing before the site of God,you cannot please God by your achievements.1Corinthians 3:18-20

The wisdom of this world preaches the gospel of personal effort and achievements,”you must always work it out”.

Paul in scriptures say that “I am who I am because of Christ,it is not of my works,least I should boast”.The wisdom of the world says “I am who I am because of my hard work,my efforts and sweat got me to this place and nothing else”,that’s the wisdom of this world speaking,ME,MYSELF AND I.

When a man is full of himself and feels he is the reason for his success,he is walking in the wisdom of this world and he cannot please God and the bible calls it foolishness.

The wisdom of this world,has its faith on men,his works,connections and achievements.King Nebuchadnezzar,thought he was smart ,though warned to repent from his evil ways,he refused and he said in Daniel 4:30 “ Is not  this  great  Babylon , that I have built for the house  of the kingdom by the might of my power , and for the honor of my majesty” He was so full of himself,that was exactly same attitude that got Satan thrown out of heaven, “I“,the wisdom of this world is all about I.

God taught the king a lesson,God showed him that there is someone higher than him,sanity was taken from the king and he ran into the bush and began to feed on grass like an animal,and he lived in the forest until he recognized that God was the most high,in verse 34-37 of Daniel 4,he recognized that God is able to abase those who trust in themselves.

Another man who trusted so much in his wisdom was the kings right hand man Ahithophel,a man when he spoke it was as if the gods have spoken,the wisdom from his mouth was as the wisdom from the gods.2Sam 16:23,but David asked the lord to turn his wisdom to foolishness and the lord took his reasoning and he spoke foolishly and his advise was rejected,hence he was made nothing and he killed himself,he turned against the king David because he felt he was smarter and wiser,but God took his reasoning away,the wisdom of the wise is foolishness before God.

David came before Goliath with a few stones in the name of the lord,but Goliath came in his strength,when David was given Saul’s weaponry he refused it,because he couldn’t use it, at such a dangerous time what he has not tested,David knew this was not the time to practice,he came to Goliath not in mans wisdom or his strength and he defeated Goliath with one stone,that is what the world would call foolishness,how can you even think you will have success with stones considering the bigness of Goliath,but he walked in the wisdom of God.

The man who walks in the wisdom of God has his faith totally on God and not on himself or his achievements.that is why Paul said “I don’t come to you with the enticing words of mans wisdom but in the demonstration of the power of those holy spirit”he further said that your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men,but in the power of God.The wisdom of men directs your attention to men and the Wisdom of God directs your attention to God.


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